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COMING SOON: Looking for a quick and easy website setup? Purchase a pre-made (one page) layout to start your WordPress website today! These one-page layouts are great for people who:

  • Are looking for a simple web page to put their information on (no additional pages needed)
  • Need a quick and easy pre-made website that they can insert content into
  • Want something more affordable and don’t need a custom-designed website

Each one-page layout/website is $179.99 and includes:

  Free installation to your website
  Free stock photos (can be replaced with other desired photos at no extra charge)
  Your text inserted for you
  Up to 3 layout customizations
  Free training
  License to the Divi theme*

However, these layouts do not include the same features you’d find in all the custom web packages such as:

  Free backups and updates
  Free continued support
  Google Analytics setup
  Business email setup (

*This license is provided for theme updates and releases. However, free updates and continued support are NOT included with these pre-made layout purchases (updates must be manually done). Upgrade to a maintenance plan for only $7.99 /month to receive free daily backups and weekly updates.

Contact for more details.

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Why does the pre-made layout cost $180?

The cost covers not only the design of the layout, but also the installation to your website—saving you time and the manual labor it would take to install it yourself. Additionally, a free standard license to the Divi theme—a premium WordPress theme valued at $250—is provided at no extra cost. This license will grant you access to any new theme additions/updates; and it can also be used to expand your layout into a multi-page site later on.


If I'm receiving a license to the Divi theme, will I have access to the theme's support?

No, you will not have access to the theme’s support unless you sign up for a yearly subscription with the company (Elegant Themes). This license is provided for the sole reason of theme updates and additions.


What if I want to expand my site into multiple pages later on?

You will have the flexibility to add new pages/content to your site at any time. You can also choose to contact us and have it done for you at a discounted rate.


Can I purchase the layout by itself at a discounted price?

Yes, if you would prefer to purchase the layout by itself—without the included installation, license to the Divi theme, and other features—you can do so for $49 each.

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